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"When I began designing
jewelry, I had no idea
what had started as a hobby would result in a full blown obsession."

Maybe I should have known better. I've always had a creative side. First music and then food. I attended culinary school in Philadelphia and graduated with a culinary degree. My food years were a creative, crazy time, full of ideas and energy. I moved around the USA, working in some of the best kitchens in the country.

I left the culinary world after 12 fun years. I wanted a more stable life, with a more conventional schedule, so I turned to the business world and Wall Street, working in finance. That's when the creative side began pulling again. I needed to re-connect. To create something tangible and beautiful. So I began making my custom jewelry.

This "round about" journey has produced some incredible results. My collection is eclectic and modern but with a feminine feel. Each piece is hand-made with semi-precious stones, gold wire, and silver beads from around the world. I've designed with a bold nod to color and shape, using quality components that catch the eye.

You're an original, too, why isn't your jewelry?


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